PSR TTG Shock Absorber Warranty

Who is covered by this warranty?

The original Retail purchaser of the goods is covered.

You must be the original retail purchaser of the PSR shock absorber and still own the vehicle on which the shock absorber was originally installed. PSR suspension warrants the original retail purchaser against functional and/or material defects of the PSR shock absorber.


How to claim under this warranty:

A PSR Warranty Assessment Form is available by clicking the link above on this page (or obtained by contacting PSR Customer Service on PH (909) 415-0021 for a copy) must be completed and forwarded with a copy of proof of purchase to PSR directly, see your obligations below.


What are your obligations?

It is the original retail purchaser’s responsibility to retain proof of purchase which must show date of sale, vehicle speedo reading and registration number for validation of purchase. Warranty will not be considered without proof of purchase and a fully completed Warranty Assessment Form. You may be required to send the claimed shock absorber to Performance Suspension for inspection.


What PSR will endeavour to do:

Upon receipt of a fully completed Warranty Assessment Form and proof of purchase, PSR will replace any PSR shock absorber deemed to have defects within the warranted items and period with a new shock absorber OR replacement part for that shock absorber. Note: If one (1) shock absorber or part of is faulty, only that unit will be replaced. PSR will not be held responsible to remove nor install and will not pay for the removal or installation of the shock absorber under the terms of warranty.


What is covered as part of the LIFETIME and UNLIMITED KMS warranty:

  • Leaking from the seal. This must be an excessive amount deemed excessive by PSR. Shock absorbers can “mist” or “weep” as part of lubrication of the seal and shaft movement, if there is not excessive leakage then this is deemed not a warranty.
  • Paint work. Warranty is only 1 year from purchase date. Warranty does not include direct salt water contact, harsh chemical use, rock rash or any form of contact causing paint to be damaged.
  • Lower Strut bushes. These component carries a 5 year 200,000KM warranty (whichever comes first to the original purchaser). This is an industry leading warranty for a rubber bush component.
  • Boots and shields. These components carry a 1 year only warranty.
  • Shock absorber bushes. These components carry a 2 year 100,000km warranty.


Warranty Exclusions:

Warranty does not cover any PSR shock absorber which have been:

  • Subjected to stone damage to body or shaft, this includes, significant rock rash, dents and any contact that renders the shock absorber “misused”. PSR will not be held accountable for any damages.
  • Any shaft damage caused by improper fitment, protective boot removal or damage due to debris contact.
  • Used for off road racing or any other competition motor sport use.
  • Modified, altered or subjected to abuse, negligence or accident damage.
  • Improperly installed or installed in any vehicle for which it was not designed or catalogued.
  • Presented for warranty by one other than the original retail purchaser.
  • Bushings that have been incorrectly fitted.
  • Bushings that have NOT been tightened at a settled ride height (strut models)
  • Subjected to wear and tear as a result of incorrectly fitted or missing bump stops.
  • Damaged due to installation of strut spacers causing the body to bottom out.
  • Consequential damage, loss of time, loss of vehicle use, incidental damages, labour costs and freight to and from Performance Suspension are not covered by this warranty.


PLEASE NOTE: Rental and other fleet commercial use vehicles are excluded from warranty.