Can-Am X3 Rear Skid Plate


KCTek offers a weld on skid plate that ties the rear lower tubes together when impacting the ground due to bottom outs. This then can cause the rear bulkhead to deform causing major structural integrity issues, in some cases these have had to be replaced due to fatigue and impact. The plate also has a fold on the front to keep the centre section strong. Has access hole to drain plug and hole on the right flap that locates the CV protector if used in conjunction.

See P/N KCTCANAM-042 RH Rear Stainless CV Guard. 4 additional holes are installed to assist in keeping the factory plastic skid plate attached if bolts added, this item is common to rip the pop rivets out leaving it flapping around or tearing off.

Laser cut from 11 Gauge A36 steel.

Unit Of Measure Each