Can-Am X3 Front Bulkhead Front Control Arm Dogbone Kit


KCTek offers a well refined 2 piece weld in dogbone system that allows for proper bolt shanking and greatly increases strength in the event of wheel contact / crash or for hardcore race applications that require positive location of fasteners! When aftermarket arms are fitted the factory weak link in the lower OE arms, that is designed to crumple under impact is removed, this then transfers the impact back into the chassis, this product bridges this weak link and massively improves strength in the area.

Kit comes with an upper and lower dog bone which is welded to the inside of the bulkhead and 4 X SHCS 12.9 M12 X 1.25 bolts and 4 X Belleville washes.

CNC Machined in the USA from 1045 steel.

Unit Of Measure Each

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